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MUSICAL, adjective. Of or relating to music.
MUSICAL, adjective. Gifted or skilled in music.
MUSICAL, adjective. Pleasing to the ear.
MUSICAL, noun. A stage performance, show or film which involves singing, dancing and musical numbers performed by the cast as well as acting.
MUSICAL BOW, noun. (musical instrument) A simple musical instrument consisting of a string supported by a flexible wooden bearer.
MUSICAL BOWS, noun. Plural of musical bow
MUSICAL BOX, noun. (musical instruments) Any of various devices that play tunes by means of pins, on a rotating disk or revolving drum, that strike or pluck metal teeth
MUSICAL BOXES, noun. Plural of musical box
MUSICAL CHAIRS, noun. (games) A children's game in which players circle a group of chairs. There is one chair fewer than the number of players. When someone who is not watching stops playing music, everybody sits down, and the player left without a chair is eliminated.
MUSICAL CHAIRS, noun. (figuratively) Any activity which results in repeated, pointless shuffling of people or objects.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, noun. A device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, noun. Plural of musical instrument
MUSICAL INTERVAL, noun. The distance between two notes on the diatonic scale.
MUSICAL INTERVAL, noun. An interlude in some performance during which music is played.
MUSICAL INTERVALS, noun. Plural of musical interval
MUSICAL NOTATION, noun. (music) A system which represents aurally perceived music, through the use of written symbols.
MUSICAL SAW, noun. (musical instrument) A musical instrument consisting of a thin sheet of metal, or sometimes a saw, usually played with a bow.
MUSICAL SAWIST, noun. Synonym of sawist. (Someone who plays a musical saw)
MUSICAL SAWISTS, noun. Plural of musical sawist
MUSICAL SAWS, noun. Plural of musical saw
MUSICAL SCALE, noun. A set of musical notes, typically ordered in pitch.
MUSICAL SCALES, noun. Plural of musical scale
MUSICAL THEATER, noun. A genre of theater that combines spoken dialogue with song and dance.
MUSICAL THEATRE, noun. Alternative form of musical theater

Dictionary definition

MUSICAL, noun. A play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.
MUSICAL, adjective. Characterized by or capable of producing music; "a musical evening"; "musical instruments".
MUSICAL, adjective. Talented in or devoted to music; "comes from a very musical family".
MUSICAL, adjective. Characteristic of or resembling or accompanied by music; "a musical speaking voice"; "a musical comedy".
MUSICAL, adjective. Containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody; "the melodious song of a meadowlark".

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