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BROADWAY, proper noun. A street name, typically for a wide road; a broad way.
BROADWAY, proper noun. The wide road which runs diagonally through Manhattan, New York City.
BROADWAY, proper noun. A place name for a settlement which grew up around such a road. For example, Broadway, Worcestershire, Broadway, Somerset.
BROADWAY, proper noun. The theater district of Manhattan.
BROADWAY, proper noun. The theatres in the Broadway theatre district; especially those covered by contracts between the owners and theatrical unions.
BROADWAY, proper noun. The American theater industry.
BROADWAY, proper noun. (Manitoba) (idiomatic) The government of Manitoba.
BROADWAY, proper noun. One of two villages in England.
BROADWAY, proper noun. A village in County Wexford, Ireland.
BROADWAY, proper noun. A town in North Carolina.
BROADWAY, proper noun. A community in Nova Scotia, Canada.
BROADWAY, proper noun. A town in Virginia.
BROADWAY, noun. (poker slang) The highest straight in poker, ace-king-queen-jack-ten.
BROADWAY, adjective. (by extension if the proper noun senses) Flashy; showy.
BROADWAY, noun. An esplanade
BROADWAY FLAT, noun. (technical theatre) A light flat covered with muslin.

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BROADWAY, noun. A street in Manhattan that passes through Times Square; famous for its theaters.

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