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REPRISE, noun. A recurrence or resumption of an action.
REPRISE, noun. (music) A repetition of a phrase, or a return to an earlier theme.
REPRISE, noun. (fencing) A renewal of a failed attack, after going back into the on guard position.
REPRISE, noun. A taking by way of retaliation.
REPRISE, noun. (legal) (in the plural) Deductions and duties paid yearly out of a manor and lands, as rent charge, pensions, annuities, etc.; also spelled reprizes.
REPRISE, noun. A ship recaptured from an enemy or from a pirate.
REPRISE, verb. (obsolete) (transitive) To take (something) up or on again.
REPRISE, verb. To repeat or resume an action
REPRISE, verb. (obsolete) To recompense; to pay.

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REPRISE, verb. Repeat an earlier theme of a composition.

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