Word Associations API

The API provides access to the «Word Associations Network» online service. It currently supports 7 languages and allows finding associations for a separate word or a whole phrase. The API makes it possible to embed «Word Associations Network» service in a mobile app or web service for end users.


Features of Word Association REST API:

  • All requests are transferred through secure HTTPS channel.
  • Support for JSON and XML data formats.
  • Search for associations to a given word.
  • Ability to search not only by one word but by a phrase as well.
  • The following languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Search for associations in one of the two directions:
    • a) An input data is considered as a stimulus word*. Word Association REST API returns a list of response words, which come to mind for a given stimulus word.
    • b) An input data is considered as a response word**. Word Association REST API returns a list of stimuli words, which evoke a given response word.
    * A stimulus word is a word used in association tests to evoke a response. ** A response word is a word answered in association tests to a given stimulus word.
  • Associations are sorted by weight, that shows how close and strong the link between two words is.
  • Ability to specify which parts of speech to include in a response.
  • Ability to specify several queries in one API request.

For detail information please consult the Word Associations API Developer's Guide.

To subscribe and manage your subscriptions please register or sign in to your Word Associations API Account.

REST API is accessible on a commercial basis with a monthly subscription to the following tariff plans:

Subscription Plan Number of Requests per Calendar Month Monthly Subscription Price (for selected account's currency)
Start Up to 5,000 Free Free Free Free
Basic Up to 50,000 10 9 8 600
Standard Up to 200,000 30 27 24 1800
Premium Up to 500,000 70 63 56 4200
Enterprise Up to 5,000,000 600 540 480 36000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my payment information secure?
All payments are processed through PayPal, a PCI compliant payment company. Our web site has no access to credit cards data.

What if I exceed my plan limits?
Access to the service associated to the plan will be suspended. It will be resumed next month automatically or you can choose to subscribe to a new subscription plan.

When will I be billed?
PayPal will charge your credit card upon subscription to our API’s plan. Next month if your account's balance goes low you will receive email notification with remind to refill your balance.

Is it possible to change the account payment currency and time zone?
When you create your account, you'll be asked to choose both a currency type and your time zone. However, you can never change the currency and time zome you choose for your account so select these settings carefully. They're used to determine how you're billed. If you wish to pay with another currency, you must create a new Word Associations Network account and select your desired currency at the time of account creation.

Where can I find Swagger specification for Word Associations API?
Swagger specification in JSON format resides here: https://api.wordassociations.net/documentation/swagger.json and in YAML format here: https://api.wordassociations.net/documentation/swagger.yaml. There are numerous code generators on the Web which can generate API client by given Swagger specification for virtually any programming language.

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