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OPERA, noun. (music) A theatrical work combining drama, music, song and sometimes dance.
OPERA, noun. (music) The score for such a work.
OPERA, noun. A building designed for the performance of such works; an opera house.
OPERA, noun. A company dedicated to performing such works.
OPERA, noun. (by extension) Any showy, melodramatic or unrealistic production resembing an opera.
OPERA, noun. A collection of work (plural of opus).
OPÉRA BOUFFE, noun. Alternative form of opera bouffe
OPERA BOUFFE, noun. A type of French comic opera, typified by everyday characters and ludicrous situations. (Often attributive.) [from 19th c.]
OPERA BUFFA, noun. (music) A form of Italian comic opera popular in the 18th century
OPERA CAKE, noun. A French cake made with layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze.
OPÉRA COMIQUE, noun. An opera characterised by spoken dialogue interspersed between the arias and ensemble numbers.
OPERA GLASS, noun. A pair of small low-powered binoculars for use at a theatrical performance.
OPERA GLASSES, noun. Plural of opera glass
OPERA GLASSES, noun. One or more pairs of small low-powered binoculars for use at a theatrical performance
OPERA GLOVE, noun. Evening glove
OPERA HAT, noun. A kind of collapsible top hat.
OPERA HATS, noun. Plural of opera hat
OPERA HOUSE, noun. A theatre, or similar building, primarily used for staging opera.
OPERA HOUSE TRAP, noun. (AU) a particular type of crab pot with netting supported by two curved structures on top.
OPERA HOUSES, noun. Plural of opera house
OPERA SERIA, noun. Serious or tragic opera; grand opera.
OPERA SINGER, noun. Someone who sings opera professionally.
OPERA SINGERS, noun. Plural of opera singer
OPERA WINDOW, noun. A small porthole-sized side window in the C-pillar of certain cars, popular in the 1970s.
OPERA WINDOWS, noun. Plural of opera window

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OPERA, noun. A drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes.
OPERA, noun. A commercial browser.
OPERA, noun. A building where musical dramas are performed.

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