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CHORUS, noun. A group of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece
CHORUS, noun. A group of people in a play or performance who recite together.
CHORUS, noun. A group of singers; singing group who perform together.
CHORUS, noun. A repeated part of a song, also called the refrain.
CHORUS, noun. A setting or feature in electronic music that makes one voice sound like many.
CHORUS, noun. (figuratively) A group of people or animals who make sounds together
CHORUS, noun. The noise made by such a group.
CHORUS, noun. (theater) An actor who reads the opening and closing lines of a play.
CHORUS, verb. To echo a particular sentiment.
CHORUS, verb. To sing the chorus.
CHORUS FROG, noun. Any of the frogs of the genus Pseudacris, which produce a repeated rasping trill.
CHORUS FROGS, noun. Plural of chorus frog
CHORUS GIRL, noun. A female chorus line dancer.
CHORUS GIRLS, noun. Plural of chorus girl
CHORUS LINE, noun. A line of performers in a revue or other show, dancing in unison.
CHORUS LINES, noun. Plural of chorus line

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CHORUS, noun. Any utterance produced simultaneously by a group; "a chorus of boos".
CHORUS, noun. A group of people assembled to sing together.
CHORUS, noun. The part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers.
CHORUS, noun. A body of dancers or singers who perform together.
CHORUS, noun. A company of actors who comment (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action in a classical Greek play.
CHORUS, verb. Utter in unison; "`yes,' the children chorused".
CHORUS, verb. Sing in a choir.

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