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BOO, interjection. A loud exclamation intended to scare someone, especially a child. Usually used when one has been hidden from the victim and then suddenly appeared unexpectedly.
BOO, interjection. A word used ironically in a situation where one might have scared someone, but said someone was not scared. Not said as loudly as in definition 1.
BOO, interjection. An exclamation used by a member or many members of an audience, as at a stage play or sports game, to indicate derision or disapproval of what has just occurred.
BOO, noun. A derisive shout made to indicate disapproval.
BOO, verb. (intransitive) To shout extended boos derisively.
BOO, verb. (transitive) To derisively shout extended boos at.
BOO, noun. (US) (AAVE) (slang) A close acquaintance or significant other.
BOO HOO, interjection. The sound of crying.
BOO HOO, interjection. (used ironically, spoken as an ordinary word) it is not worth crying about, an expression of contempt

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BOO, noun. A cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt.
BOO, verb. Show displeasure, as after a performance or speech.

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