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PUG, noun. Term of endearment (probably related to puck). [from the 16th c]
PUG, noun. A bargeman. [from the 16th c]
PUG, noun. A harlot; a prostitute. [circa 1600]
PUG, noun. A small dog of an ancient breed originating in China, having a snub nose, wrinkled face, squarish body, short smooth hair, and curled tail. [from the 18th c]
PUG, noun. An upper servant in a great house. [from the 19th c]
PUG, noun. (obsolete) (slang) A pugilist or boxer.
PUG, noun. (obsolete) An elf or hobgoblin.
PUG, noun. (obsolete) chaff; the refuse of grain
PUG, noun. Any geometrid moth of the genus Eupithecia.
PUG, noun. Any compressed clay-like material mixed and worked into a soft, plastic condition for making bricks, pottery or for paving. (Also pug soil)
PUG, noun. A pug mill.
PUG, verb. (transitive) To mix and stir when wet.
PUG, verb. (transitive) To fill or stop with clay by tamping; to fill in or spread with mortar, as a floor or partition, for the purpose of deadening sound.
PUG, noun. The footprint of an animal.
PUG MILL, noun. A kind of mill for grinding and mixing clay, either for art or brickmaking. It consists essentially of an upright shaft armed with projecting knives, which is caused to revolve in a hollow cylinder, tub, or vat, in which the clay is placed.
PUG MILLS, noun. Plural of pug mill
PUG NOSE, noun. A short nose which is flattened and whose tip is turned up.

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PUG, noun. Small compact smooth-coated breed of Asiatic origin having a tightly curled tail and broad flat wrinkled muzzle.

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