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ELF, noun. (Norse mythology) A luminous spirit presiding over nature and fertility and dwelling in the world of Álfheim (Elfland). Compare angel, nymph, fairy.
ELF, noun. Any from a race of mythical, supernatural beings resembling but seen as distinct from human beings. Usually skilled in magic or spellcrafting; sometimes depicted as clashing with dwarves, especially in modern fantasy literature.
ELF, noun. (fantasy) Any of the magical, typically forest-guarding races bearing some similarities to the Norse álfar (through Tolkien's Eldar)
ELF, noun. A very diminutive person; a dwarf.
ELF ARROW, noun. A prehistoric flint arrowhead.
ELF ARROWS, noun. Plural of elf arrow
ELF OWL, noun. Micrathene whitneyi, a small owl of North America.
ELF OWLS, noun. Plural of elf owl

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ELF, noun. (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous.
ELF, noun. Below 3 kilohertz.

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