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DWARF, noun. (mythology) Any member of a race of beings from (especially Scandinavian and other Germanic) folklore, usually depicted as having some sort of supernatural powers and being skilled in crafting and metalworking, often depicted as short, and sometimes depicted as clashing with elves.
DWARF, noun. (now) (often offensive) A person of short stature, often one whose limbs are disproportionately small in relation to the body as compared with normal adults, usually as the result of a genetic condition.
DWARF, noun. An animal, plant or other thing much smaller than the usual of its sort.
DWARF, noun. (star) A star of relatively small size.
DWARF, adjective. (especially in botany) Miniature.
DWARF, verb. (transitive) To render (much) smaller, turn into a dwarf (version).
DWARF, verb. (transitive) To make appear (much) smaller, puny, tiny.
DWARF, verb. (transitive) To make appear insignificant.
DWARF, verb. (intransitive) To become (much) smaller.
DWARF, verb. To hinder from growing to the natural size; to make or keep small; to stunt.
DWARF BIRCH, noun. Betula nana, a species of birch in the family Betulaceae, native to arctic and cool temperate regions of northern Europe, northern Asia and northern North America.
DWARF ELDER, noun. A small European herbaceous perennial species of elder.
DWARF GALAXIES, noun. Plural of dwarf galaxy
DWARF GALAXY, noun. (galaxy) Any galaxy, considerably smaller than the Milky Way, that has only several billions of stars.
DWARF HORSETAIL, noun. A plant in the taxonomic genus Equisetum (horsetails); Equisetum scirpoides.
DWARF HORSETAILS, noun. Plural of dwarf horsetail
DWARF JOE-PYE WEED, noun. Eutrochium dubium, native to the eastern coastal plain of the United States.
DWARF PLANET, noun. (astronomy) Any astronomical body which has achieved hydrostatic equilibrium (which is the shape a body of water would take, as opposed to a small Solar System body), orbits the Sun (as opposed to a moon), and has not "cleared its neighbourhood" of competing bodies (as opposed to a planet).
DWARF PLANETS, noun. Plural of dwarf planet
DWARF RABBIT, noun. A small-sized variety of the domestic rabbit.
DWARF SPERM WHALE, noun. One of the two small whales in the sperm whale family, Kogia sima.
DWARF SPERM WHALES, noun. Plural of dwarf sperm whale
DWARF SPHEROIDAL, noun. (galaxy) A dwarf spheroidal galaxy
DWARF SPHEROIDAL GALAXIES, noun. Plural of dwarf spheroidal galaxy
DWARF SPHEROIDAL GALAXY, noun. (galaxy) A faint galaxy, devoid of gas, having a higher than normal proportion of dark matter; especially those that orbit the Milky Way and Andromeda
DWARF STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS, noun. (metaphor) (idiom) A person who discovers by building on previous discoveries.
DWARF STAR, noun. (star) A star that is located in the main sequence in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram; fuses hydrogen into helium in its core.
DWARF STARS, noun. Plural of dwarf star
DWARF TINAMOU, noun. A tinamou, Taoniscus nanus also known as Least tinamou.
DWARF TINAMOUS, noun. Plural of dwarf tinamou
DWARF TOSSING, noun. A "sport" in which contestants compete to throw a small person the farthest.
DWARF WALL, noun. A low wall, often used in gardens as walls or fences.
DWARF WALLS, noun. Plural of dwarf wall

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DWARF, noun. A person who is markedly small.
DWARF, noun. A legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure.
DWARF, noun. A plant or animal that is atypically small.
DWARF, verb. Make appear small by comparison; "This year's debt dwarfs that of last year".
DWARF, verb. Check the growth of; "the lack of sunlight dwarfed these pines".

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