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FUSION, noun. The merging of similar or different elements into a union.
FUSION, noun. (physics) A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the concomitant release of energy.
FUSION, noun. (music) a style of music that blends disparate genres; especially types of jazz.
FUSION, noun. A style of cooking that combines ingredients and techniques from different countries or cultures
FUSION, noun. The act of melting or liquefying something by heating it.
FUSION, noun. (genetics) The result of the hybridation of two genes which originally coded for separate proteins.
FUSION, noun. (cytology) The process by which two distinct lipid bilayers merge their hydrophobic core, resulting in one interconnected structure.
FUSION BOMB, noun. An atomic bomb that uses nuclear fusion as a source of energy; a hydrogen bomb
FUSION BOMBS, noun. Plural of fusion bomb
FUSION CUISINE, noun. A cuisine that combines elements of several culinary traditions.
FUSION PROTEIN, noun. (biochemistry) A protein formed by genetically fusing or combining a gene encoding a target protein of interest with a gene encoding a protein or portion of protein that adds a desired functionality to target.
FUSION PROTEINS, noun. Plural of fusion protein
FUSION REACTOR, noun. (theoretically), a thermonuclear reactor that relies on the controlled fusion of light elements into heavier elements, with the attendant release of enormous amounts of energy. In practice, satisfactory results have not yet been achieved.
FUSION REACTORS, noun. Plural of fusion reactor
FUSION ROCKET, noun. (astronautics) a rocket engine that uses nuclear fusion reactions for propulsive force
FUSION ROCKET, noun. (astronautics) a spacecraft having a fusion reactor that powers the rocket
FUSION ROCKET, noun. (astronautics) a nuclear-pulse rocket that uses thermonuclear bombs to supply propulsive force
FUSION ROCKETS, noun. Plural of fusion rocket
FUSION TAG, noun. (biochemistry) A short peptide, protein domain, or entire protein that can be fused to a target protein of interest to create a fusion protein.
FUSION TAGS, noun. Plural of fusion tag
FUSION TORCH, noun. A technique that uses the high-temperature plasma of a fusion reactor to break apart other materials (especially waste materials) and convert them into reusable elements.
FUSION TORCHES, noun. Plural of fusion torch

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FUSION, noun. An occurrence that involves the production of a union.
FUSION, noun. The state of being combined into one body.
FUSION, noun. The merging of adjacent sounds or syllables or words.
FUSION, noun. A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy.
FUSION, noun. The combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept.
FUSION, noun. Correction of an unstable part of the spine by joining two or more vertebrae; usually done surgically but sometimes done by traction or immobilization.
FUSION, noun. The act of fusing (or melting) together.

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