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IGNITION, noun. The act of igniting.
IGNITION, noun. The initiation of combustion.
IGNITION, noun. A system for activating combustion in a combustion engine.
IGNITION INTERLOCK, noun. A device installed in a vehicle that detects alcohol on a driver's breath and will not start the car if alcohol is present.
IGNITION INTERLOCKS, noun. Plural of ignition interlock
IGNITION TEMPERATURE, noun. The lowest temperature at which combustion will occur spontaneously under specific conditions.
IGNITION TEMPERATURES, noun. Plural of ignition temperature
IGNITION TUBE TEST, noun. (inorganic chemistry) An analytical technique in which a sample is heated in a sealed tube, volatile metals being removed by sublimation to a cooler part of the tube from where they can be removed and weighed

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IGNITION, noun. The process of initiating combustion or catching fire.
IGNITION, noun. The mechanism that ignites the fuel in an internal-combustion engine.
IGNITION, noun. The act of setting something on fire.

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