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PRIMER, noun. (historical) (Catholic ecclesiastical) A prayer or devotional book intended for laity, initially an abridgment of the breviary and manual including the hours of the Virgin Mary, 15 gradual and 7 penitential psalms, the litany, the placebo and dirige forming the office of the dead, and the commendations.
PRIMER, noun. (historical) (Protestant ecclesiastical) Similar works issued in England for private prayer in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer.
PRIMER, noun. A children's book intended to teach literacy: how to read, write, and spell.
PRIMER, noun. An introductory text on any subject, particularly basic concepts.
PRIMER, noun. (New Zealand) An elementary school class; an elementary school student.
PRIMER, noun. Any substance or device used to ignite a fire, (especially) any priming wire, blasting cap, or other device used to ignite gunpowder or other explosive.
PRIMER, noun. (obsolete) (rare) A person who primes explosives.
PRIMER, noun. Any substance used to prime wood, metal, &c.
PRIMER, noun. A layer of such a substance.
PRIMER, noun. (obsolete) (rare) A person who primes wood, metal, &c.
PRIMER, noun. (biology) A molecule which initiates the synthesis of an enzyme, (especially) a single-stranded nucleic acid molecule which initiates DNA replication.
PRIMER, noun. (medicine) (zoology) A pheromone which interacts first with the endocrine system.
PRIMER, noun. A device used to prime an internal combustion engine with gasoline, (especially) in airplanes.
PRIMER, noun. A person who prunes trees.
PRIMER, adjective. (obsolete) First in time, initial, early.
PRIMER, adjective. (obsolete) First in importance, premier.
PRIMER, adjective. (obsolete) (rare) First in position, foremost.

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PRIMER, noun. An introductory textbook.
PRIMER, noun. Any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant.
PRIMER, noun. The first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface.

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