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COMPLEMENTARY, adjective. Acting as a complement.
COMPLEMENTARY, adjective. (genetics) Of the specific pairings of the bases in DNA and RNA.
COMPLEMENTARY, adjective. (physics) Pertaining to pairs of properties in quantum mechanics that are inversely related to each other, such as speed and position, or energy and time. (See also Heisenberg uncertainty principle.)
COMPLEMENTARY, noun. A complementary colour.
COMPLEMENTARY, noun. (obsolete) One skilled in compliments.
COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES, noun. (geometry) A pair of angles that sum to a right angle.
COMPLEMENTARY ANTONYM, noun. (semantics) A term whose meaning complements the meaning of the other term, in an either-or fashion, such as mortal in relation to immortal.
COMPLEMENTARY ANTONYMS, noun. Plural of complementary antonym
COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR, noun. (colour science) Either of two colours which, when mixed, produce a white or grey
COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR, noun. (arts) A colour which is regarded as the opposite of another, so that the two colours together form a pleasing contrast.
COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS, noun. Plural of complementary colour
COMPLEMENTARY DISTRIBUTION, noun. (phonetics) the distribution of phones in their respective phonetic environments such that one never appears in the same phonetic context as the other
COMPLEMENTARY FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) The general solution of a homogenous linear differential equation.
COMPLEMENTARY FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of complementary function
COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, noun. Any of several therapies that combine conventional medical practices with those of alternative medicine such as acupuncture or homeopathy
COMPLEMENTARY REGION, noun. A connected component of the complement in a manifold of a lamination of that manifold.
COMPLEMENTARY REGIONS, noun. Plural of complementary region

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COMPLEMENTARY, noun. Either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments); "yellow and blue are complementaries".
COMPLEMENTARY, adjective. Of words or propositions so related that each is the negation of the other; "`male' and `female' are complementary terms".
COMPLEMENTARY, adjective. Acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole).

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