Associations to the word «Raman»


RAMAN AMPLIFICATION, noun. A form of optical amplification based on Raman scattering.
RAMAN EFFECT, noun. (physics) the inelastic scattering of photons with subsequent change in frequency and phase; employed in Raman spectroscopy
RAMAN LASER, noun. A laser in which the fundamental light-amplification mechanism is stimulated Raman scattering.
RAMAN LASERS, noun. Plural of Raman laser
RAMAN OPTICAL ACTIVITY, noun. (physics) The differential Raman scattering of left and right circularly polarized light by chiral molecules
RAMAN SCATTERING, noun. (physics) the Raman effect
RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY, noun. (analytical chemistry) A form of spectroscopy that uses the Raman effect to study low-frequency vibrational and rotational modes of molecules .

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