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SPEC, noun. (colloquial) short form of specification
SPEC, noun. (colloquial) short form of speculation
SPEC, noun. Short form of specialization
SPEC, noun. Short form of special
SPEC, noun. (dialect) a special place (for hiding or viewing)
SPEC, noun. (Australia) (Australian rules football) (informal) A spectacular mark (catch) in Australian rules football.
SPEC, verb. (transitive) To specify, especially in a formal specification document.
SPEC HOME, noun. A home that is built for a homebuilder according to their specifications without a sales order.
SPEC HOMES, noun. Plural of spec home
SPEC SCRIPT, noun. A screenplay for a movie that is shopped or sold on the open market, as opposed to one commissioned by a studio or production company.
SPEC SCRIPTS, noun. Plural of spec script

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SPEC, noun. A detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work.

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