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VIS, noun. Force; power.
VIS, noun. Abbreviation of viscount.
VIS, noun. Alternative spelling of viss
VIS IMPRESSA, noun. Force exerted, as in moving a body, or changing the direction of its motion; impressed force.
VIS INERTIAE, noun. The resistance of matter, as when a body at rest is set in motion, or a body in motion is brought to rest, or has its motion changed, either in direction or in velocity.
VIS INERTIAE, noun. Inertness; inactivity.
VIS MAJOR, noun. (legal) A greater force; "act of God"; unavoidable accident.
VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE, noun. The ability of the body to heal itself without intervention
VIS MORTUA, noun. Dead force; force doing no active work, but only producing pressure.
VIS VERSA, adverb. Misspelling of vice versa.
VIS VITAE, noun. (biology) vital force
VIS VITALIS, noun. (biology) vital force
VIS VIVA, noun. (physics) (obsolete) The product of an object's momentum and the square of its speed.

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