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PARTISAN, noun. An adherent to a party or faction.
PARTISAN, noun. A fervent, sometimes militant, supporter or proponent of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea.
PARTISAN, noun. A member of a band of detached light, irregular troops acting behind occupying enemy lines in the ways of harassment or sabotage; a guerrilla fighter
PARTISAN, noun. (now rare) The commander of a body of detached light troops engaged in making forays and harassing an enemy.
PARTISAN, adjective. Serving as commander or member of a body of detached light troops: as, a partisan officer or corps.
PARTISAN, adjective. Adherent to a party or faction; especially, having the character of blind, passionate, or unreasonable adherence to a party; as, blinded by partisan zeal.
PARTISAN, adjective. Devoted to or biased in support of a party, group, or cause: partisan politics.
PARTISAN, noun. (historical) A spear with a triangular, double-edged blade.
PARTISAN, noun. (obsolete) A soldier armed with such a weapon.

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PARTISAN, noun. A fervent and even militant proponent of something.
PARTISAN, noun. An ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity.
PARTISAN, noun. A pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections; 16th and 17th centuries.
PARTISAN, adjective. Devoted to a cause or party.

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