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MACEDONIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Macedonia, its people or language.
MACEDONIAN, noun. A person from Macedonia (in any sense).
MACEDONIAN, proper noun. A South Slavic language, the standard language of the Republic of Macedonia, provisionally designated the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
MACEDONIAN, proper noun. (historical) The tongue of the Ancient Macedonians, spoken in Macedon during the 1st millennium BC. (see Ancient Macedonian)
MACEDONIAN, proper noun. The Greek dialect in Macedonia, region of Greece.
MACEDONIAN, proper noun. (archaic) The name of a West-Bulgarian dialect prior to the codification of Macedonian standard language. Used in Bulgaria.

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MACEDONIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Macedon.
MACEDONIAN, noun. The Slavic language of modern Macedonia.
MACEDONIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Macedonia or its inhabitants; "Macedonian hills".

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