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ALBANIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Albania, the Albanian people or the Albanian language.
ALBANIAN, noun. A person from Albania or of Albanian descent.
ALBANIAN, proper noun. The languages spoken by the Albanian people, primarily spoken in Albania and Kosovo. (ISO language codes: alb/sqi/sq (Tosk), aln (Gheg), aat (Arvanitika), aae (Arbëresh))
ALBANIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Caucasian Albania, to its people or language.
ALBANIAN, noun. An inhabitant of Caucasian Albania. Udi people are descended from them.
ALBANIAN, proper noun. The extinct Northeast Caucasian language once spoken by these people. Udi language is descended from it.
ALBANIAN, adjective. (central New York) of or from the city of Albany, New York State
ALBANIAN, noun. (central New York) Someone from the city of Albany, New York State.

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ALBANIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Albania.
ALBANIAN, noun. The Indo-European language spoken by the people of Albania.
ALBANIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Albania or its people or language or culture.

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