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REFUGEE, noun. A person seeking refuge in a foreign country out of fear of political persecution or the prospect of such persecution in his home country, i.e., a person seeking a political asylum.
REFUGEE, noun. A person seeking refuge due to a natural disaster.
REFUGEE, noun. A person formally granted a political or economic asylum by a country other than his home country.
REFUGEE, verb. (transitive) (US) (historical) To convey (slaves) away from the advance of the federal forces.
REFUGEE CAMP, noun. A camp where refugees seek shelter.
REFUGEE REGATTA, noun. (Australia) (Darwin) (colloquial) (slang) (offensive) An influx of illegal immigrants or refugees attempting to enter the country by sea; an influx of boat people.
REFUGEE REGATTAS, noun. Plural of Refugee Regatta

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REFUGEE, noun. An exile who flees for safety.

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