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ARMENIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, the Armenian people, the Armenian language, or the Armenian alphabet.
ARMENIAN, noun. A person from Armenia or of Armenian descent.
ARMENIAN, proper noun. The language of Armenia and the Armenian people, whose older stages are Old Armenian and Middle Armenian.
ARMENIAN, proper noun. A branch of Indo-European languages, which includes the various stages of the Armenian language.
ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH, proper noun. The national Church of Armenia.
ARMENIAN BLACKBERRIES, noun. Plural of Armenian blackberry
ARMENIAN BLACKBERRY, noun. Himalayan blackberry
ARMENIAN CUCUMBER, noun. Cucumis melo var. flexuosus, a long, slender variety of muskmelon which resembles a cucumber in taste and inner appearance.
ARMENIAN DISEASE, noun. Familial Mediterranean fever
ARMENIAN HIGHLAND, proper noun. A plateau in Transcaucasia, connecting the Lesser Caucasus with the Taurus Mountains. Total area: about 400,000 km². Average elevation: 1500 to 2000 metres, highest point: Mount Ararat. The area lies mostly in eastern Turkey; also includes the whole of modern Armenia, southern Georgia, western Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran, Nakhichevan and Nagorno-Karabakh.
ARMENIAN KINGDOM OF CILICIA, proper noun. (historical) an independent principality formed during the High Middle Ages by Armenian refugees fleeing the Seljuk invasion of Armenia; located outside of the Armenian Highland and distinct from the Armenian Kingdom of Antiquity, it was centered in the Cilicia region northwest of the Gulf of Alexandretta, in what is today southern Turkey
ARMENIAN QUESTION, proper noun. (now historical) The issues surrounding the status (and protection by western powers) of Armenians in Ottoman and formerly Ottoman areas.
ARMENIAN QUESTION, proper noun. Alternative letter-case form of Armenian Question
ARMENIAN SIGN LANGUAGE, proper noun. A sign language of Armenia.
ARMENIAN SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, proper noun. Synonym of Armenian SSR.
ARMENIAN SSR, proper noun. One of the 15 Soviet Socialist Republics that made up the former Soviet Union (1920-1991, name changed in 1990). Became independent as the Republic of Armenia in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR.
ARMENIAN STUDIES, noun. (humanities) a field of humanities covering Armenian history, language and culture

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ARMENIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Armenia.
ARMENIAN, noun. The Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan.
ARMENIAN, noun. A writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written.
ARMENIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Armenia or the people or culture of Armenia.

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