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APOSTOLIC, adjective. Pertaining to an apostle, or to the apostles, their times, or their peculiar spirit
APOSTOLIC, adjective. According to the doctrines of the apostles; delivered or taught by the apostles
APOSTOLIC, adjective. Of or relating to the pope or the papacy; papal.
APOSTOLIC AGE, proper noun. (Christianity) The period of the Twelve Apostles, dating from the Great Commission of the Apostles by the resurrected Jesus in Jerusalem (c. 33) until the death of the last Apostle, believed to be John the Apostle in Anatolia (c. 100).
APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION, noun. (Christianity) The unbroken chain of consecrations by laying on of hands from the Apostles of Jesus Christ to the bishops, and from to bishop to bishop through the ages.

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APOSTOLIC, adjective. Of or relating to or deriving from the Apostles or their teachings.
APOSTOLIC, adjective. Proceeding from or ordered by or subject to a pope or the papacy regarded as the successor of the Apostles; "papal dispensation".

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