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CANON, noun. A generally accepted principle; a rule.
CANON, noun. A group of literary works that are generally accepted as representing a field.
CANON, noun. The works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic.
CANON, noun. A eucharistic prayer, particularly the Roman Canon.
CANON, noun. A religious law or body of law decreed by the church.
CANON, noun. A catalogue of saints acknowledged and canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.
CANON, noun. In monasteries, a book containing the rules of a religious order.
CANON, noun. A member of a cathedral chapter; one who possesses a prebend in a cathedral or collegiate church.
CANON, noun. A piece of music in which the same melody is played by different voices, but beginning at different times; a round.
CANON, noun. (fandom) Those sources, especially including literary works, which are generally considered authoritative regarding a given fictional universe.
CANON, noun. (cookery) A rolled and filleted loin of meat.
CANON, noun. (printing) (dated) A large size of type formerly used for printing the church canons, standardized as 48-point.
CANON, noun. ​The part of a bell by which it is suspended; the ear or shank of a bell.
CANON, noun. (billiards) A carom.
CANON, noun. Alternative spelling of qanun
CAÑON, noun. Alternative spelling of canyon
CANON BIT, noun. The part of a bit which is put in a horse's mouth.
CANON BITS, noun. Plural of canon bit
CANON BONE, noun. (anatomy) The shank bone, or great bone above the fetlock, in the fore and hind legs of the horse and allied animals, corresponding to the middle metacarpal or metatarsal bone of most mammals.
CANON BONES, noun. Plural of canon bone
CANON LAW, noun. The law of the church, religious law.
CANON LAW, noun. A regulation in church law.
CANON LAWS, noun. Plural of canon law
CANON LAWS, noun. Religious rules, regulations and edicts.

Dictionary definition

CANON, noun. A rule or especially body of rules or principles generally established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy; "the neoclassical canon"; "canons of polite society".
CANON, noun. A priest who is a member of a cathedral chapter.
CANON, noun. A ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall.
CANON, noun. A contrapuntal piece of music in which a melody in one part is imitated exactly in other parts.
CANON, noun. A complete list of saints that have been recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.
CANON, noun. A collection of books accepted as holy scripture especially the books of the Bible recognized by any Christian church as genuine and inspired.

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