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DEAN, noun. A senior official in a college or university, who may be in charge of a division or faculty (for example, the dean of science) or have some other advisory or disciplinary function (for example, the dean of students).
DEAN, noun. A dignitary or presiding officer in certain church bodies, especially an ecclesiastical dignitary, subordinate to a bishop, in charge of a chapter of canon.
DEAN, noun. The senior member of some group of people.
DEAN, noun. (Sussex) a hill (chiefly place names).
DEAN, verb. (intransitive) (rare) To serve as a dean.
DEAN, verb. (transitive) (rare) (informal) To send (a student) to see the dean of a university.
DEAN, proper noun. A title afforded to a dean.
DEAN, proper noun. A habitational surname​ surname from dene "valley".
DEAN, proper noun. A male given name derived from the surname or from the title.
DEAN AND CHAPTER, noun. The governing body of a cathedral; the chapter consisting of a group of canons or prebendaries.

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DEAN, noun. An administrator in charge of a division of a university or college.
DEAN, noun. United States film actor whose moody rebellious roles made him a cult figure (1931-1955).
DEAN, noun. A man who is the senior member of a group; "he is the dean of foreign correspondents".
DEAN, noun. (Roman Catholic Church) the head of the College of Cardinals.

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