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WESTMINSTER, proper noun. The abbey of Westminster
WESTMINSTER, proper noun. The City of Westminster: a borough of London including the principal offices of the British government
WESTMINSTER, proper noun. The Palace of Westminster
WESTMINSTER, proper noun. (colloquial) The British parliament, based at the Palace of Westminster
WESTMINSTER, proper noun. A constitutional system [the Westminster system] copied from the British parliament, characterised by the members of the executive being required to be elected or appointed to seats in parliament and being answerable to it.
WESTMINSTER ABBEY, proper noun. A large Gothic church, on the scale of a cathedral, next to the Houses of Parliament in London; the traditional place of coronation and burial of English monarchs
WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL, proper noun. The principal Roman Catholic church in England
WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM, noun. Alternative form of Westminster system
WESTMINSTER SYSTEM, noun. (politics) A democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the British parliament in Westminster.
WESTMINSTER SYSTEMS, noun. Plural of Westminster system

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WESTMINSTER, noun. A borough of Greater London on the Thames; contains Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

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