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CROWNED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of crown
CROWNED, adjective. (obsolete) Great; excessive; supreme.
CROWNED CRANE, noun. Either of two species of crane of the genus Balearica (Black Crowned Crane, Balearica pavonina and Grey Crowned Crane, Balearica regulorum) from sub-Saharan Africa.
CROWNED CRANES, noun. Plural of crowned crane
CROWNED PIGEON, noun. Any bird of the genus Goura.
CROWNED PIGEONS, noun. Plural of crowned pigeon

Dictionary definition

CROWNED, adjective. Having an (artificial) crown on a tooth; "had many crowned teeth".
CROWNED, adjective. Crowned with or as if with laurel symbolizing victory.
CROWNED, adjective. Provided with or as if with a crown or a crown as specified; often used in combination; "a high-crowned hat"; "an orange-crowned bird"; "a crowned signet ring".

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