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CRANE, noun. A large bird of the order Gruiformes and the family Gruidae having long legs and a long neck which it extends when flying.
CRANE, noun. (US) (dialect) Ardea herodias, the great blue heron.
CRANE, noun. A mechanical lifting machine or device, often used for lifting heavy loads for industrial or construction purposes.
CRANE, noun. An iron arm with horizontal motion, attached to the side or back of a fireplace for supporting kettles etc. over the fire.
CRANE, noun. A siphon, or bent pipe, for drawing liquors out of a cask.
CRANE, noun. (nautical) A forked post or projecting bracket to support spars, etc.; generally used in pairs.
CRANE, verb. (transitive) To extend (one's neck).
CRANE, verb. (transitive) To raise or lower with, or as if with, a crane.
CRANE, proper noun. A surname​.
CRANE FLIES, noun. Plural of crane fly

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CRANE, noun. United States writer (1871-1900).
CRANE, noun. United States poet (1899-1932).
CRANE, noun. A small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix.
CRANE, noun. Lifts and moves heavy objects; lifting tackle is suspended from a pivoted boom that rotates around a vertical axis.
CRANE, noun. Large long-necked wading bird of marshes and plains in many parts of the world.
CRANE, verb. Stretch (the neck) so as to see better; "The women craned their necks to see the President drive by".

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