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SOAR, verb. To fly aloft with little effort, as a bird.
SOAR, verb. To mount upward on wings, or as on wings.
SOAR, verb. To remain aloft by means of a glider or other unpowered aircraft.
SOAR, verb. To rise, especially rapidly or unusually high.
SOAR, verb. (figuratively) To rise in thought, spirits, or imagination; to be exalted in mood.
SOAR, noun. The act of soaring.
SOAR, noun. An upward flight.
SOAR, proper noun. (geography) A river in England tributary to the Trent.

Dictionary definition

SOAR, noun. The act of rising upward into the air.
SOAR, verb. Rise rapidly; "the dollar soared against the yen".
SOAR, verb. Fly by means of a hang glider.
SOAR, verb. Fly upwards or high in the sky.
SOAR, verb. Go or move upward; "The stock market soared after the cease-fire was announced".
SOAR, verb. Fly a plane without an engine.

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