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UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. The state of having no job; joblessness.
UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. The phenomenon of joblessness in an economy.
UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. The level of joblessness in an economy, often measured as a percentage of the workforce.
UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. (countable) A type of joblessness due to a particular economic mechanism.
UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. (countable) An instance or period of joblessness.
UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT, noun. Money paid by the government, special-purpose fund or similar to those who are unemployed and looking for work.
UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, noun. Plural of unemployment benefit
UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, noun. Insurance against loss of earnings during the time that an able-bodied worker is involuntarily unemployed.

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UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. The state of being unemployed or not having a job; "unemployment is a serious social evil"; "the rate of unemployment is an indicator of the health of an economy".

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