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TECHNOLOGICAL, adjective. Of, relating to, involving, or caused by technology, especially modern scientific technology.
TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY, noun. A predicted future event in human history caused by the ever-increasing ability of new technology to speed up the rate at which new technology is developed.
TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. Unemployment caused by technological advances. This includes machines and software substituting for human labor, advances in efficiency negating the need for friction-based jobs, and increased data availability undermining professions that rely on information asymmetry.
TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITIES, noun. Plural of technological university
TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, noun. A university specialising in the study of engineering, science and technology.

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TECHNOLOGICAL, adjective. Based in scientific and industrial progress; "a technological civilization".
TECHNOLOGICAL, adjective. Of or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles; "technical college"; "technological development".

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