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INSTITUTIONAL, adjective. Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or organized along the lines of an institution.
INSTITUTIONAL, adjective. Instituted by authority.
INSTITUTIONAL, adjective. Elementary; rudimentary.
INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT, noun. A division of an institution focused on the improvement of the entity, primarily involved in fundraising activities. It is, therefore, heavily involved in communications (especially alumni relations), marketing, and public relations.
INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK, noun. The systems of formal laws, regulations, and procedures, and informal conventions, customs, and norms, that shape socioeconomic activity and behaviour.
INSTITUTIONAL RACISM, noun. A form of racial inequality resulting not from conscious discrimination, but from the cumulative effect of subconscious racism and/or from the aggregate inertial discriminatory effect of individuals within a non-diverse group favoring like-minded individuals.

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INSTITUTIONAL, adjective. Relating to or constituting or involving an institution; "institutional policy".
INSTITUTIONAL, adjective. Organized as or forming an institution; "institutional religion".

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