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INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Produced by such industry.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Used by such industry.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Suitable for use in such industry; industrial-grade.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Massive in scale or quantity.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Employed as manpower by such industry.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. (of a society or country) Having many industries; industrialized.
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. (music) Belonging or pertaining to the genre of industrial music.
INDUSTRIAL, noun. (dated) (19th-mid 20th century) An employee in industry
INDUSTRIAL, noun. (business) An enterprise producing tangible goods or providing certain services to industrial companies.
INDUSTRIAL, noun. (finance) A bond or stock issued by such company
INDUSTRIAL, noun. (informal) industrial music
INDUSTRIAL ACTION, noun. (chiefly British) A workplace protest by employees designed to inconvenience or disrupt the business of the employer.
INDUSTRIAL ACTIONS, noun. Plural of industrial action
INDUSTRIAL AGE, proper noun. The time of the Industrial Revolution
INDUSTRIAL ARTS, noun. The practical arts, such as engineering, metalworking or carpentry.
INDUSTRIAL ARTS, noun. The teaching of the knowledge and skills needed to work with tools and machinery
INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, noun. The blend of applied art, architecture and engineering which attempts to develop physical solutions to meet particular needs
INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND, noun. A diamond of quality too low to be gem-grade but useful in industry because of the diamond's great hardness, usually used as an abrasive.
INDUSTRIAL DIAMONDS, noun. Plural of industrial diamond
INDUSTRIAL DISEASE, noun. Disease or disability caused by employment, such as repetitive acts or exposure to chemicals.
INDUSTRIAL DISEASES, noun. Plural of industrial disease
INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE, noun. The use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage
INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, noun. An area of buildings intended primarily for industrial purposes, i.e. factories and related services and infrastructure, rather than for living in.
INDUSTRIAL ESTATES, noun. Plural of industrial estate
INDUSTRIAL METAL, noun. (music) A genre of heavy metal influenced by industrial music.
INDUSTRIAL METHYLATED SPIRIT, noun. Ethyl alcohol denatured by the addition of 5% methyl alcohol, a form of methylated spirit for use in industry and the laboratory - usually free of alcohol taxes
INDUSTRIAL METHYLATED SPIRITS, noun. Plural of industrial methylated spirit
INDUSTRIAL MUSIC, noun. A noisy, experimental genre of music with transgressive themes that originated in the 1970s.
INDUSTRIAL OUTPUT, noun. (accounting) What an industry produces, as a national total.
INDUSTRIAL PARK, noun. An area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development.
INDUSTRIAL PARKS, noun. Plural of industrial park
INDUSTRIAL PEACE, noun. A state in industrial relations in which both employer and employees abstain from industrial action, such as strikes and lockouts.
INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY, noun. (legal) Intellectual property as used in commerce and industry, particularly patents and trademarks, as distinguished in some European legal systems from intellectual property as used in the arts.
INDUSTRIAL PUNK, noun. A musical genre that is a fusion of punk rock with industrial music.
INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, noun. The relationship between management and workers in a given industry.
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, proper noun. The major technological, socioeconomic and cultural change in the late 18th and early 19th century resulting from the replacement of an economy based on manual labour to one dominated by industry and machine manufacture.
INDUSTRIAL ROCK, noun. (music) A genre of rock music influenced by industrial music.
INDUSTRIAL SCALE, noun. The large size or amount characteristic of industry.
INDUSTRIAL SCALE, noun. (whimsical, often used attributively) Largeness. Compare similar usage for industrial strength.
INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, noun. A school specifically training for skills aimed at industrial employment.
INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, noun. Such a residential school formerly used to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents.
INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS, noun. Plural of industrial school
INDUSTRIAL STORE, noun. Alternative term for company store
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, adjective. Made for use by businesses or manufacturers, as opposed to home consumers, and therefore typically larger, stronger, more difficult to operate, and less attractive in appearance.
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, adjective. (often used whimsically) Unusually large or potent.
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, noun. Ability or capacity, as related to industry.
INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNAL, noun. A type of tribunal that deals with contentions between workers and companies.
INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNALS, noun. Plural of industrial tribunal

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INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Of or relating to or resulting from industry; "industrial output".
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Having highly developed industries; "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation".
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Employed in industry; "the industrial classes"; "industrial work".
INDUSTRIAL, adjective. Suitable to stand up to hard wear; "industrial carpeting".

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