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AGRICULTURAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to agriculture; connected with, or engaged in, tillage; as, the agricultural class; agricultural implements, wages, et cetera.
AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY, noun. A sub-set of general biodiversity involving commercially grown crops.
AGRICULTURAL DENSITY, noun. (geography) The population density measured as the number of farmers per unit area of arable land
AGRICULTURAL LIEN, noun. (US) (legal) A statutory lien that protects the seller of farming equipment by giving the seller a lien on crops grown with the equipment.
AGRICULTURAL LIENS, noun. Plural of agricultural lien
AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION, noun. Any of several revolutionary changes that have occurred in the agricultural practices of societies throughout history.
AGRICULTURAL SHOT, noun. (cricket) A swing across the line of the ball (resembling a scything motion) played without much technique. Often one that results in a chunk of the pitch being dug up by the bat. A type of a slog.
AGRICULTURAL SURPLUS, noun. An agricultural production that exceeds the needs of the society for which it is being produced, and may be exported or stored for future times

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AGRICULTURAL, adjective. Relating to or used in or promoting agriculture or farming; "agricultural engineering"; "modern agricultural (or farming) methods"; "agricultural (or farm) equipment"; "an agricultural college".
AGRICULTURAL, adjective. Relating to rural matters; "an agrarian (or agricultural) society"; "farming communities".

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