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BOTANY, noun. (uncountable) The scientific study of plants, a branch of biology. Typically those disciplines that involve the whole plant.
BOTANY, noun. The plant life, or the properties and life phenomena exhibited by a plant, plant type, or plant group.
BOTANY, noun. (countable) A botanical treatise or study, especially of a particular system of botany or that of a particular place.
BOTANY BAY, proper noun. (geography) A bay in New South Wales, south of Sydney Cove, Australia; the site of a landing by explorer Captain James Cook and later of the First Fleet, and originally planned to be the site of the first penal colony in Australia.
BOTANY BAY, proper noun. The penal colony, actually established at Sydney Cove, which developed into the now city of Sydney.
BOTANY BAY DOZEN, noun. (Australia) (slang) (obsolete or historical) 25 lashes, ie. strokes of a whip across a person's back as a punishment.
BOTANY BAY DOZENS, noun. Plural of Botany Bay dozen
BOTANY BAY FEVER, noun. (UK) (euphemistic) (obsolete) Penal servitude; transportation.

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BOTANY, noun. All the plant life in a particular region or period; "Pleistocene vegetation"; "the flora of southern California"; "the botany of China".
BOTANY, noun. The branch of biology that studies plants.

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