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MAJOR, noun. A military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel
MAJOR, adjective. Of great significance or importance.
MAJOR, adjective. Greater in number, quantity, or extent.
MAJOR, adjective. Of full legal age; having attained majority.
MAJOR, adjective. (music) Of a scale which follows the pattern: tone - tone - semitone - tone - tone - tone - semitone
MAJOR, adjective. (music) Being the larger of two intervals denoted by the same ordinal number.
MAJOR, adjective. (music) Containing the note which is a major third (four half steps) above the tonic.
MAJOR, noun. (US) (Canada) (Australia and New Zealand) The main area of study of a student working toward a degree at a college or university.
MAJOR, noun. (US) (Canada) (Australia and New Zealand) A student at a college or university concentrating on a given area of study.
MAJOR, noun. A person of legal age.
MAJOR, noun. (logic) The major premise.
MAJOR, noun. (Canadian football) An alternate term for touchdown; short for "major score".
MAJOR, noun. A large, commercially successful record label, as opposed to an indie.
MAJOR, verb. To concentrate on a particular area of study as a student in a college or university
MAJOR, proper noun. A surname​.
MAJOR, proper noun. An unincorporated community in Kentucky.
MAJOR, proper noun. A village in Saskatchewan, Canada.
MAJOR ARCANA, noun. The 22 trumps of a deck of tarot cards.
MAJOR AXES, noun. Plural of major axis
MAJOR AXIS, noun. (geometry) The longest diameter of an ellipse, running through the center and foci, with its ends being the widest points of the shape.
MAJOR AXIS, noun. (geometry) The diameter of a circle.
MAJOR CHORD, noun. (music) Any musical chord which has the tones a major third (as opposed to a minor third) and a perfect fifth above its root, i.e. the notes of a major triad, but possibly containing other intervals, such as a seventh or ninth.
MAJOR CHORDS, noun. Plural of major chord
MAJOR DIAMETER, noun. The outermost or largest diameter of something that has multiple circular, cylindrical, or helical features (e.g. a screw or gear)
MAJOR ELEMENT, noun. (geology) An element which is not a trace element in a given context, and which is present in significant quantity.
MAJOR GENERAL, noun. A military officer in the armies of most nations, typically ranking below a lieutenant general and above a brigadier.
MAJOR GENERALS, noun. Plural of major general
MAJOR GREY'S CHUTNEY, noun. A chutney made with mango, raisins, vinegar, lime juice, onion, and spices.
MAJOR IN, verb. To take (something) as one's major field of study in an institute of tertiary education (such as a college or university).
MAJOR INTERVAL, noun. (music) an interval that is either a major second, major third, major sixth, or a major seventh
MAJOR INTERVALS, noun. Plural of major interval
MAJOR KEY, noun. (music) A musical key based upon a major scale.
MAJOR KEYS, noun. Plural of major key
MAJOR LEAGUE, noun. An association of sports teams which plays at the highest skill level of its sport, especially Major League Baseball.
MAJOR LEAGUE, noun. (usually in plural or attributive) The highest level of competition in a field of endeavor.
MAJOR LEAGUE, adjective. Of or pertaining to a major sports league.
MAJOR LEAGUE, adjective. Analogous in importance to a major league sports team.
MAJOR LEAGUE, adjective. Serious, intensive.
MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, proper noun. (baseball) The highest level professional baseball organization in the United States and Canada.
MAJOR LEAGUES, noun. Plural of major league
MAJOR MITCHELL, noun. Abbreviated name for the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.
MAJOR MITCHELL'S COCKATOO, noun. The cockatoo species Lophochroa leadbeateri or Cacatua leadbeateri, having distinctive salmon pink plumage and a bright red and yellow crest.
MAJOR MITCHELL'S COCKATOOS, noun. Plural of Major Mitchell's cockatoo
MAJOR NINTH, noun. (music) an interval that is one half step wider than a minor ninth
MAJOR NINTHS, noun. Plural of major ninth
MAJOR PARTY, noun. (politics) A political party with a strong influence in a country's politics.
MAJOR PLANET, noun. (astronomy) Any of the 8 celestial bodies which orbit the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (a celestial body that fits the 2006 IAU definition of planet).
MAJOR PLANET, noun. (astronomy) Any planet that is significantly larger and more massive than Earth, containing large amounts of hydrogen and helium, such as Jupiter and Neptune.
MAJOR PLANETS, noun. Plural of major planet
MAJOR PREMISE, noun. (logic) In a categorical syllogism, the premise whose terms are the syllogism's major term and middle term.
MAJOR PREMISES, noun. Plural of major premise
MAJOR PROPHET, noun. Any of the five longer prophetic books in the Old Testament: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, or Daniel.
MAJOR PROPHETS, noun. Plural of major prophet
MAJOR SCALE, noun. One of the diatonic scales; a group of notes or musical pitches in a particular pattern, used to make melodies. The pattern for a major scale is:
MAJOR SECOND, noun. (music) an interval that is equivalent to two half steps
MAJOR SECONDS, noun. Plural of major second
MAJOR SEVENTH, noun. (music) A musical interval of the Western twelve-semitone system consisting of eleven semitones and spanning seven degrees of the diatonic scale. It is one semitone wider than a minor seventh and enharmonically equivalent to a diminished octave.
MAJOR SEVENTH CHORD, noun. (music) a chord with the bass note and its major third, perfect fifth, and major seventh above it
MAJOR SEVENTH CHORDS, noun. Plural of major seventh chord
MAJOR SEVENTHS, noun. Plural of major seventh
MAJOR SIXTH, noun. (music) A musical interval of the Western twelve-semitone system consisting of nine semitones and spanning six degrees of the diatonic scale. It is one semitone wider than a minor sixth and enharmonically equivalent to a diminished seventh.
MAJOR SIXTHS, noun. Plural of major sixth
MAJOR SUIT, noun. (bridge) Either of the suits of spades (♠) and hearts (♥), which rank higher than the minor suits (diamonds and clubs).
MAJOR THIRD, noun. (music) A musical interval of the Western twelve-semitone system consisting of four semitones and spanning three degrees of the diatonic scale. Major scales are so named because of the major third interval between the tonic and mediant of a major tonic triad. It is enharmonically equivalent to a diminished fourth.
MAJOR THIRDS, noun. Plural of major third
MAJOR TRIAD, noun. (music) a triad that has a major third between the bottom note and the middle note and a minor third between the middle note and the top note
MAJOR TRIADS, noun. Plural of major triad

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MAJOR, noun. A commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines; below lieutenant colonel and above captain.
MAJOR, noun. British statesman who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997 (born in 1943).
MAJOR, noun. A university student who is studying a particular field as the principal subject; "she is a linguistics major".
MAJOR, noun. The principal field of study of a student at a university; "her major is linguistics".
MAJOR, verb. Have as one's principal field of study; "She is majoring in linguistics".
MAJOR, adjective. Of greater importance or stature or rank; "a major artist"; "a major role"; "major highways".
MAJOR, adjective. Greater in scope or effect; "a major contribution"; "a major improvement"; "a major break with tradition"; "a major misunderstanding".
MAJOR, adjective. Greater in number or size or amount; "a major portion (a majority) of the population"; "Ursa Major"; "a major portion of the winnings".
MAJOR, adjective. Of the field of academic study in which one concentrates or specializes; "his major field was mathematics".
MAJOR, adjective. Of a scale or mode; "major scales"; "the key of D major".
MAJOR, adjective. Of greater seriousness or danger; "a major earthquake"; "a major hurricane"; "a major illness".
MAJOR, adjective. Of full legal age.
MAJOR, adjective. Of the elder of two boys with the same family name; "Jones major".

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