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THETA, noun. The name for the eighth letter οf the Modern Greek alphabet, ninth in Old Greek.
THETA, noun. (mathematics) The measure of an angle.
THETA FUNCTION, noun. (math) Any of a group of special functions of several complex variables, important in many areas, including the theories of abelian varieties and moduli spaces, and of quadratic forms.
THETA FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of theta function
THETA RHYTHM, noun. A type of electrical activity in the brain, brain waves with a frequency 4-8 hertz.
THETA ROLE, noun. (grammar) (esp. transformational grammar) Abbreviation of thematic role.
THETA ROLES, noun. Plural of theta role
THETA WAVE, noun. A type of electrical activity in the brain; brain waves with a frequency of 4-8 hertz.

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THETA, noun. The 8th letter of the Greek alphabet.

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