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ZETA, noun. The name of the sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet (Ζ,   ζ) preceded by epsilon (Ε,   ε) and followed by eta, (Η,   η); or the seventh letter in the ancient Greek alphabet, in which it is preceded by digamma (Ϝ,   ϝ)
ZETA, noun. (mathematics) A mathematical function formally known as the Riemann zeta function.
ZETA, proper noun. A medieval state roughly equivalent to modern Montenegro.
ZETA, noun. (physics) a torus-shaped reactor used in the mid-20th Century to carry out experiments in plasma physics and temperature controlled thermonuclear reactions.
ZETA FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) function of the complex variable s that analytically continues the sum of the infinite series
ZETA FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of zeta function
ZETA GEMINORUM, proper noun. A star in the constellation Gemini.

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ZETA, noun. The 6th letter of the Greek alphabet.

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