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CHAPTER, noun. One of the main sections into which the text of a book is divided.
CHAPTER, noun. A section of a social or religious body.
CHAPTER, noun. An administrative division of an organization, usually local to a specific area.
CHAPTER, noun. An assembly of monks, or of the prebends and other clergymen connected with a cathedral, conventual, or collegiate church, or of a diocese, usually presided over by the dean.
CHAPTER, noun. A community of canons or canonesses.
CHAPTER, noun. A bishop's council.
CHAPTER, noun. An organized branch of some society or fraternity, such as the Freemasons.
CHAPTER, noun. A meeting of certain organized societies or orders.
CHAPTER, noun. A chapter house.
CHAPTER, noun. A sequence (of events), especially when presumed related and likely to continue.
CHAPTER, noun. A decretal epistle.
CHAPTER, noun. (obsolete) A location or compartment.
CHAPTER, verb. To divide into chapters.
CHAPTER, verb. To put into a chapter.
CHAPTER, verb. (military) (with "out") To use administrative procedure to remove someone.
CHAPTER BOOK, noun. An illustrated storybook intended for intermediate readers, generally age 7-10.
CHAPTER HOUSE, noun. A building attached to a cathedral, church, or monastery and used as a meeting place.
CHAPTER HOUSE, noun. A building used by a sorority or fraternity as a residence or meeting place.
CHAPTER HOUSES, noun. Plural of chapter house

Dictionary definition

CHAPTER, noun. A subdivision of a written work; usually numbered and titled; "he read a chapter every night before falling asleep".
CHAPTER, noun. Any distinct period in history or in a person's life; "the industrial revolution opened a new chapter in British history"; "the divorce was an ugly chapter in their relationship".
CHAPTER, noun. A local branch of some fraternity or association; "he joined the Atlanta chapter".
CHAPTER, noun. An ecclesiastical assembly of the monks in a monastery or even of the canons of a church.
CHAPTER, noun. A series of related events forming an episode; "a chapter of disasters".

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