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CATHEDRAL, noun. A big church building, central place for some area.
CATHEDRAL, noun. The principal church of a bishop's diocese which contains an episcopal throne.
CATHEDRAL CEILING, noun. (architecture) A vaulted ceiling, in a home or elsewhere, which slopes upward from the walls, following the slope of the underside of the roof.
CATHEDRAL CITIES, noun. Plural of cathedral city
CATHEDRAL CITY, noun. A title awarded to a town in the United Kingdom which, before letters patent, held city status by virtue of having a cathedral within its bounds.
CATHEDRAL CITY, noun. A city in a former British colony which resembles an English cathedral city in that it has a relatively small population, an Anglican cathedral, and also holds the title of city.
CATHEDRAL CITY, proper noun. A town in California
CATHEDRAL CLOSE, noun. An enclosed precinct surrounding a cathedral.
CATHEDRAL CLOSES, noun. Plural of cathedral close

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CATHEDRAL, noun. Any large and important church.
CATHEDRAL, noun. The principal Christian church building of a bishop's diocese.
CATHEDRAL, adjective. Relating to or containing or issuing from a bishop's office or throne; "a cathedral church".

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