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GOTHIC, proper noun. An extinct Germanic language, once spoken by the Goths
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the Goths.
GOTHIC, adjective. Barbarous, rude, unpolished, belonging to the "Dark Ages", medieval as opposed to classical.
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the architectural style favored in western Europe in the 12th to 16th centuries.
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the style of fictional writing associated with the Gothic revival, emphasizing violent or macabre events in a mysterious, desolate setting.
GOTHIC, adjective. (typography) in England, of the name of type formerly used to print German, also known as black letter.
GOTHIC, adjective. (typography) in the USA, of a sans serif typeface using straight, even-width lines, also called grotesque
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the goth subculture or lifestyle.
GOTHIC, noun. A novel written in the Gothic style.
GOTHIC, adjective. Alternative letter-case form of Gothic
GOTHIC ALPHABET, noun. The 27-letter alphabet of the Gothic language.
GOTHIC ARCH, noun. (architecture) An arch in the shape of ogive.
GOTHIC ARCHES, noun. Plural of Gothic arch
GOTHIC DOUBLE, noun. (literature) An essential duality within a single character, centred on the polarity of good and evil.
GOTHIC LOLITA, noun. A Japanese fashion movement whose adherents dress in an elegant, largely monochromatic style with traditional accoutrements such as parasols.
GOTHIC ROCK, noun. (music genre) A style of music developing in the late 1970s out of punk rock, with lyrics and imagery often referring to morbid, spooky or mystical ideas.
GOTHIC ROCK, noun. Alternative spelling of gothic rock

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GOTHIC, noun. Extinct East Germanic language of the ancient Goths; the only surviving record being fragments of a 4th-century translation of the Bible by Bishop Ulfilas.
GOTHIC, noun. A heavy typeface in use from 15th to 18th centuries.
GOTHIC, noun. A style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries; characterized by slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by vaulting and pointed arches.
GOTHIC, adjective. Characteristic of the style of type commonly used for printing German.
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the language of the ancient Goths; "the Gothic Bible translation".
GOTHIC, adjective. Of or relating to the Goths; "Gothic migrations".
GOTHIC, adjective. As if belonging to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned and unenlightened; "a medieval attitude toward dating".
GOTHIC, adjective. Characterized by gloom and mystery and the grotesque; "gothic novels like `Frankenstein'".

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