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CHURCH, noun. (countable) A Christian house of worship; a building where religious services take place. [from 9th c.]
CHURCH, noun. Christians collectively seen as a single spiritual community; Christianity. [from 9th c.]
CHURCH, noun. (countable) A local group of people who follow the same Christian religious beliefs, local or general. [from 9th c.]
CHURCH, noun. (countable) A particular denomination of Christianity. [from 9th c.]
CHURCH, noun. (uncountable) (countable) (as bare noun) Christian worship held at a church; service. [from 10th c.]
CHURCH, noun. A (non-Christian) religion; a religious group. [from 16th c.]
CHURCH, verb. (transitive) (now historical) To conduct a religious service for (a woman) after childbirth. [from 15thc.]
CHURCH, verb. (transitive) To educate someone religiously, as in in a church.
CHURCH, proper noun. A surname​.
CHURCH, proper noun. (used with "the") A specific church (Christian religious denomination), such as the Church of England or the Catholic Church.
CHURCH AFFILIATION, noun. The religious denomination or part of a religious denomination a person, institute, business, or other organization has joined or supports.
CHURCH BELL, noun. A bell (often more than one) belonging to a church, usually housed in a tower or steeple, customarily rung before church services or for other occasions such as weddings.
CHURCH BELLS, noun. Plural of church bell
CHURCH COUNCIL, noun. Formal meeting of bishops and representatives of several churches who are brought together to regulate points of doctrine or discipline
CHURCH COUNCILS, noun. Plural of church council
CHURCH CRAWLER, noun. (informal) A person who is strongly interested, in an amateur capacity, in ecclesiology, church architecture, history and church art, and visits churches in order to view the buildings for themselves, as opposed to visiting them for religious reasons.
CHURCH CRAWLERS, noun. Plural of church crawler
CHURCH DOOR, noun. A door to a church; a church door.
CHURCH DOORS, noun. Plural of church door
CHURCH KEY, noun. A can opener having a triangular tip that pierces the can.
CHURCH KEYS, noun. Plural of church key
CHURCH LATIN, proper noun. The Latin language as spoken, written, and used in the Christian church and in church services.
CHURCH MILITANT, noun. (religion) The Christian church that comprises living people on Earth, which is supposed to be engaged in constant warfare against its enemies, and is thus distinguished from the Church Triumphant in Heaven.
CHURCH NUMERAL, noun. A representation of a natural number using lambda notation.
CHURCH NUMERALS, noun. Plural of Church numeral
CHURCH OF ENGLAND, proper noun. The established Christian Church in England, and the mother church of the Anglican Community. Abbreviated as C of E.
CHURCH OF IRELAND, proper noun. The Anglican church body active in Ireland (both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS, proper noun. The major denomination of the Latter Day Saint movement, founded in the United States by Joseph Smith; the Mormon Church.
CHURCH OF ROME, proper noun. The Roman Catholic Church
CHURCH OF SATAN, proper noun. An organization of LaVeyan Satanism.
CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, proper noun. (Scientology) the largest organisation promoting Scientology.
CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, proper noun. The national Presbyterian church of Scotland.
CHURCH ORGAN, noun. (musical instrument) A large pipe organ installed in a Christian church.
CHURCH ORGANIST, noun. Someone who plays a church organ.
CHURCH ORGANISTS, noun. Plural of church organist
CHURCH ORGANS, noun. Plural of church organ
CHURCH PLANTER, noun. (religion) (chiefly Evangelical Christianity) A minister or organization that starts new congregations where none existed previously.
CHURCH PLANTERS, noun. Plural of church planter
CHURCH PLANTING, noun. The establishment of a new local church.
CHURCH SERVICE, noun. A formalized period of communal worship, often but not exclusively occurring on Sunday, or Saturday in the case of those churches practicing Sabbatarianism.
CHURCH SERVICES, noun. Plural of church service
CHURCH SLAVIC, proper noun. Church Slavonic language
CHURCH SLAVONIC, proper noun. A liturgical language of various Slavic church traditions, with dialectal basis of Old Church Slavonic mixed with vernacular lexical and phonological developments.
CHURCH SLAVONICISM, noun. A word recorded in the corpus of Old Church Slavonic or some of later the Church Slavonic recensions
CHURCH SLAVONICISMS, noun. Plural of Church Slavonicism

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CHURCH, noun. One of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship.
CHURCH, noun. A place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty".
CHURCH, noun. A service conducted in a house of worship; "don't be late for church".
CHURCH, noun. The body of people who attend or belong to a particular local church; "our church is hosting a picnic next week".
CHURCH, verb. Perform a special church rite or service for; "church a woman after childbirth".

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