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CATHOLIC, adjective. Universal; all-encompassing.
CATHOLIC, adjective. Pertaining to all kinds of people and their range of tastes, proclivities etc.; liberal.
CATHOLIC, adjective. Alternative letter-case form of Catholic
CATHOLIC, adjective. Of the Western Christian church, as differentiated from e.g. the Orthodox church.
CATHOLIC, adjective. Of the Roman Catholic church in particular.
CATHOLIC, adjective. Alternative letter-case form of catholic
CATHOLIC, noun. A member of a Catholic church.
CATHOLIC CHURCH, noun. Literally "universal church", the whole body of Christendom, especially before the division into Western and Eastern churches.
CATHOLIC CHURCH, noun. The Roman Catholic Church, which consists of 23 particular Churches in full communion with the Bishop of Rome.
CATHOLIC CHURCH, noun. Any of the independent Catholic Churches, such as the Old Catholic Church, the Polish National Catholic Church, or the Orthodox Catholic Church.
CATHOLIC CHURCH, noun. Any Christian denomination that identifies explicitly as "Catholic" based on its affirmation of the Nicene Creed, such as any of the Anglican Churches.
CATHOLIC CHURCHES, noun. Plural of Catholic Church
CATHOLIC TWINS, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see Catholic,‎ twin.
CATHOLIC TWINS, noun. (slang) siblings born within twelve months of each other.

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CATHOLIC, noun. A member of a Catholic church.
CATHOLIC, adjective. Of or relating to or supporting Catholicism; "the Catholic Church".
CATHOLIC, adjective. Free from provincial prejudices or attachments; "catholic in one's tastes".

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