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INQUISITION, noun. An investigation or inquiry into the truth of some matter
INQUISITION, noun. An inquest
INQUISITION, noun. A questioning
INQUISITION, noun. The finding of a jury, especially such a finding under a writ of inquiry.
INQUISITION, verb. (obsolete) To make inquisition concerning; to inquire into.
INQUISITION, proper noun. (historical) a tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church set up to investigate and suppress heresy.
INQUISITION, proper noun. (by extension) a harsh or rigorous interrogation that violates the rights of an individual
INQUISITION POST MORTEM, noun. An local investigation, in medieval England, into the lands of a deceased person in order to discover what income and legal rights were due to the crown

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INQUISITION, noun. A former tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church (1232-1820) created to discover and suppress heresy.
INQUISITION, noun. A severe interrogation (often violating the rights or privacy of individuals).

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