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IBERIAN, adjective. Native to Iberia.
IBERIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Iberia.
IBERIAN, noun. (countable) A native of Iberia.
IBERIAN, noun. (uncountable) An extinct language isolate that was spoken in the Iberian peninsula.
IBERIAN LYNX, noun. Lynx pardinus, an endangered species of lynx native to the Iberian peninsula.
IBERIAN LYNXES, noun. Plural of Iberian lynx
IBERIAN PENINSULA, proper noun. A peninsula located in the extreme southwest of Europe which includes modern day Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar, bordered on the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, with the Pyrenees forming the northeast edge of the peninsula, connecting it to the rest of Europe.
IBERIAN PENINSULA, proper noun. Alternative letter-case form of Iberian Peninsula
IBERIAN SEA, proper noun. The Balearic Sea

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IBERIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Iberia in the Caucasus.
IBERIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of the Iberian Peninsula (especially in ancient times).
IBERIAN, adjective. Of or relating to the Iberian Peninsula or its inhabitants.

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