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CENTURY, noun. A period of 100 consecutive years; often specifically a numbered period with conventional start and end dates, e.g., the twentieth century, which stretches from (strictly) 1901 through 2000, or (informally) 1900 through 1999. The first century AD was from 1 to 100; a yearhundred.
CENTURY, noun. A unit in ancient Roman army, originally of 100 army soldiers as part of a cohort, later of more varied sizes (but typically containing 60 to 70 or 80) soldiers or other men (guards, police, firemen), commanded by a centurion.
CENTURY, noun. A political division of ancient Rome, meeting in the Centuriate Assembly.
CENTURY, noun. (archaic)   A hundred things; a hundred.
CENTURY, noun. (cricket)   A hundred runs scored either by a single player in one innings, or by two players in a partnership.
CENTURY, noun. (cycling)   A ride 100 kilometres in length.
CENTURY, noun. (US) (informal)   A banknote in the denomination of one hundred dollars.
CENTURY BREAK, noun. (snooker) A consecutive score of 100 or more points in one visit to the table in a frame of snooker
CENTURY BREAKS, noun. Plural of century break
CENTURY EGG, noun. A Chinese delicacy made by preserving an egg in its shell in a mixture of charcoal and lime for around a hundred days.
CENTURY EGGS, noun. Plural of century egg
CENTURY PLANT, noun. An agave (Agave americana) originally from Mexico but cultivated worldwide.
CENTURY PLANTS, noun. Plural of century plant

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CENTURY, noun. A period of 100 years.
CENTURY, noun. Ten 10s.

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