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MEDIEVAL, adjective. Of or relating to the Middle Ages, the period from about 500 to about 1500.
MEDIEVAL, adjective. Having characteristics associated with the Middle Ages:
MEDIEVAL, adjective. Archaic.
MEDIEVAL, adjective. Brutal.
MEDIEVAL, noun. Someone living in the Middle Ages.
MEDIEVAL, noun. A medieval example (of something aforementioned or understood from context).
MEDIEVAL ENGLISH, proper noun. Middle English.
MEDIEVAL GREEK, proper noun. Byzantine Greek
MEDIEVAL LATIN, proper noun. The Latin language as spoken and written during the Middle Ages.
MEDIEVAL STUDIES, noun. (This entry is here for translation purposes only.)

Dictionary definition

MEDIEVAL, adjective. Relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages; "Medieval scholars"; "Medieval times".
MEDIEVAL, adjective. As if belonging to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned and unenlightened; "a medieval attitude toward dating".
MEDIEVAL, adjective. Characteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages; "chivalric rites"; "the knightly years".

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