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EXCAVATION, noun. (uncountable) The act of excavating, or of making hollow, by cutting, scooping, or digging out a part of a solid mass.
EXCAVATION, noun. (countable) A cavity formed by cutting, digging, or scooping.
EXCAVATION, noun. (countable) An uncovered cutting in the earth, in distinction from a covered cutting or tunnel.
EXCAVATION, noun. (countable) The material dug out in making a channel or cavity.
EXCAVATION, noun. (uncountable) Archaeological research that unearths buildings, tombs and objects of historical value.
EXCAVATION, noun. (countable) A site where an archaeological exploration is being carried out.
EXCAVATION UNIT, noun. (archaeology) A pit, trench, shovel test hole, (etc.) or other result of scientific excavation.
EXCAVATION UNITS, noun. Plural of excavation unit

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EXCAVATION, noun. The act of digging; "there's an interesting excavation going on near Princeton".
EXCAVATION, noun. The site of an archeological exploration; "they set up camp next to the dig".
EXCAVATION, noun. A hole in the ground made by excavating.
EXCAVATION, noun. The act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth.

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