Associations to the word «Tel»


℡, symbol. The symbol for telephone.
TEL, noun. Telegraph
TEL, noun. Telegram
TEL, noun. Telephone
TEL, noun. A hill or mound. Used especially for land features in the Middle East and North Africa
TEL, noun. (automotive) (aviation) (organic chemistry) tetraethyllead (or tetraethyl lead, tetra-ethyl lead); a gasoline additive to boost octane rating
TEL AVIV, proper noun. A city in Israel that later merged with Jaffa to form Tel Aviv-Yafo.
TEL AVIV, proper noun. (informally or formerly) The municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo.
TEL AVIV, proper noun. The center of Tel Aviv-Yafo.
TEL AVIV-JAFFA, proper noun. Alternative form of Tel Aviv-Yafo
TEL AVIV-YAFO, proper noun. A municipality in Israel formed by the merger of Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

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