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LEVANT, proper noun. The countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea, namely Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Cyprus (and sometimes also including Turkey and Egypt).
LEVANT, proper noun. An easterly wind, generally in the western Mediterranean Sea
LEVANT, noun. A disappearing or absconding after losing a bet.
LEVANT, verb. To abscond or run away, especially to avoid paying money or debts.
LEVANT, adjective. (heraldry) Rising, of an animal.
LEVANT, adjective. (legal) Rising or having risen from rest; said of cattle.
LEVANT, adjective. (poetic) Eastern.

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LEVANT, noun. A heavy morocco often used in bookbinding.
LEVANT, noun. The former name for the geographical area of the eastern Mediterranean that is now occupied by Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.
LEVANT, verb. Run off without paying a debt.

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